Products & Applications

Product TypesTypical Applications
High-speed marine diesel enginePropulsion systems Pumps Deck Machinery Bow Thrusters Power generating set Portable power pack
Medium-speed marine diesel enginePropulsion systems Power generating set
Low-speed marine diesel enginePropulsion systems
Power generating setAuxiliary power supply for marine vessels (two (2) sets are typically used in each vessel for lighting, navigation systems and air conditioning)
Industrial diesel enginePortable power pack Deck machinery Power generating set
Products and Applications Marine Industrial
  • Transportation vessels (tugs and barges, cargo vessels, and ferries)
  • Offshore support vessels (anchor handling and supply tugs)
  • Specialised vessels (Crane and pipe laying and accomodation barges)
  • Bulk carriers and tankers
  • Fishing vessels
  • Power generating sets used in hotels and buildings
  • Power packs for water and oil pumps
Customers include:
  • Shipyards
  • Vessel owners
  • Dealers
  • Hotel proprietors
  • Building owners
  • Main contractors